Our Vision and Values

"Ware Commons is a collective of students, faculty and staff who is committed to fostering close-knit community that encourages self-discovery, achievement and friendship.  Ware Fellows embrace and celebrate the differences of their neighbors, while living life freely and authentically.  Above all else, Ware fellows understand that true integrity is without end."

-Ware Commons Vision Statement, Ware Leadership Team, 2015



Ware Commons lives by our motto of Integrity without end             and exhibits it through our traditions, programing, and the commons atmosphere.


We are a community that encourages discovery – academically, personally, & socially. We embrace the opportunity to take risks, challenge assumptions, and understand unfamiliar experiences. We urge residents to think critically about their actions and the world around them.



Ware Commons is an inclusive and supportive community that encourages civility amongst residents. We believe every resident has the right to feel empowered to be their authentic self in any community. 


Ware Commons is a home away from home. We see ourselves as a family. Each person aids to the supportive, nurturing community that allows us to learn and develop together.