DID YOU KNOW?: The Ware crest was designed by three students who later became Resident Assistants during the first year of the Commons model.

DID YOU KNOW?: The Ware crest was designed by three students who later became Resident Assistants during the first year of the Commons model.

The Crest

 Integral symbol | A mathematical symbol to the left means necessary, composed of parts that together make a whole.  Ware Commons is made up of individual people, every single one of which is necessary, to create the greater whole. The symbol also represents Integrity.

Infinity symbol | Another mathematical on the right that represents a lifetime affiliation.   All of its members will continue to always be a part of the Ware Residential Commons and live by its value and motto long after they had left SMU.

Combined | The two symbols were then put together in one representation of the Infinite Integral symbol, which is the official symbol of Ware Residential Commons.


OUR Commons Colors


The official colors of Ware Residential Commons are Forest Green and Tan.

Dark Green represents ambition, growth, safety, stability, endurance, and nature; whereas tan represents honesty, genuineness, and sincerity.

The combination of the dark green and tan together give a feeling of earthiness and warmth, a sense of home and belonging. The Ware Residential Commons colors support the Commons motto of “Integritas in perpetuum”, or Integrity without end.


Our Namesake


The Ware Family demonstrates a long-standing tradition of supporting SMU through remarkable generosity and involvement in areas that include student leadership, Greek life, recreational activities and athletics.

Born and raised in Amarillo, Richard Ware earned a B.B.A. degree from SMU in 1968 and was president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. After graduating, he completed his M.B.A. at the Wharton School. Mr. Ware continued a family tradition by making his career in the banking industry. In 1981, he became president of Amarillo National Bank, which has remained family owned and operated for five generations. In 1999, Texas Monthly magazine named the Ware Family “Texas Bankers of the Century.” Mr. Ware has served as chairman of the board for several Amarillo organizations and charities, many of which are focused on youth and health initiatives, and has received several awards for his professional and philanthropic success and leadership.

Mr. Ware is the longest-serving non-Dallas member of the SMU Board of Trustees and served as vice chair of the Board from 2006 to 2008. He also has served on numerous University boards and committees. He was recognized with SMU’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 2008 and has been selected by the SMU student body multiple times as Outstanding Trustee of the Year.

Mr. Ware has four children: daughter Anne Clayton and triplet sons Patrick, William and Benjamin. Three of his children, Anne Clayton ’97, ’01, Patrick ’01, ’07 and William ’01, have continued the family legacy at SMU, as well as his brother Bill Ware ’70 and his daughters, Lizzie ’00 and Savannah ’04. All family members lived on campus while at SMU and are strong proponents of the unique benefits and memories that flow from structures like the Residential Commons.

In 2013, the Ware Family provided a leadership gift in support of a new Residential Commons facility, recognizing that future students will gain the tools they need to be successful because of the campus experiences they share. SMU is honored to recognize the family’s spirit, energy and ongoing commitment to SMU with the naming of Ware Commons.